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35 MWph & 172 Warning Bells

These two projects used immersive multi-channel audio and data sonification to draw attention to the relationship between sound and the production and consumption of power. Both projects involved engaging with local people through workshops as a way of exploring sound and the environment.

35 MWph  is a 12-speaker Ambisonic audio installation that was heard at Agency Gallery in South London and used the SELCHP electricity plant as a data source. 

172 Warning Bells is a generative, responsive audio-work  were audio was drawn from Emergency Alert Signal tones, the same tones to be heard in the event of an emergency through the 172 sirens in and around the Indian Point Plant, a nuclear plant just outside New York City. The piece was presented as a 12-channel Ambisonic sound installation as part of Code of Contingency, New York, 2012. 

Call and Response