For our inaugural programme Call & Response presented a series of immersive, multi-channel works by international artists at James Taylor Gallery, London.

The programme included Jacob Kirkegaard's Icelandic volcanic recording project, Eldfjall, as well as Eric La Casa's 8-channel piece, Zone Sensible, a frenetic microcosm composed solely of beehive sounds recorded in Saint-Denis, Paris. Other works include a multi-channel piece by Kaffe Matthews and Robert Van Heumen's Fury, a work exploring the "emergence of suppressed rage" in the Dust Bowl period of the USA. Steinbrüchel's Opaque and Jo Thomas' sound world Angel also feature. Works by Dawn Scarfe, John Levack Drever & Lawrence Upton, Tom Slater and Jeremy Keenan complete the bill. All the works are presented using an immersive 8.1 sound system. 

The works were on rotation from 4th-7th Nov, 12-6pm (Free Entry) at the James Taylor Gallery.