4th Dispatch

Call & Response curated a two day listening space for multichannel compositions around the water tank at the main courtyard of the Museumsquartier in Vienna. For this programme, C&R invited sound artists working with process based and generative compositional techniques that evolve through the use of computation. At the frontiers of computer music, process informs the sound work as much as the human composer.

4th Dispatch: Process and Function is hosted by the Viennese sound art project TONSPUR and MQW as part of their Tonspur_Live_Open_Air series. 

Compositions by: 

Theo Burt (UK)
Sound from Tiling Session 'Defecate 1', 2013

Mark Fell (UK)
Spatial Mind Lock, 2013

Robert Van Heumen (NL)
MDFreeze, 2013

Jeremy Keenan (US)
Crystal Glass Mirror Stone, 2013

Matt Lewis (UK)
Whose Sound is it Anyway? 2013

Thor Magnusson (IS)
Tuning the Threnoscope, 2013

Michael J Schumacher (US)
Filters and Filtered, 2011-present


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