Call & Response in collaboration with TONSPUR presents:

The Stream - The Listening Space

A week long immersive listening experience culminating in a night of live performance on a 13 speaker 3D sound system. 

Call & Response will install a 13 speaker, 3D sound system at Canada Water Culture Space creating an immersive public listening space. With works from the Viennese TONSPUR collection, the listening space will feature a programme of sound works by UK and international sound artists scheduled by Georg Weckwerth, independent curator and artistic director of TONSPUR. The listening space is free and can be visited any time during opening hours.

The listening space will include the following sound works out of the TONSPUR_collection: 

TONSPUR 4: "Melting" (2004) by Christof Cargnelli (AT) – in memoriam the artist who passed in April this year daily 1pm - 2pm

TONSPUR 21: "Klusterblock" (2007) by Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner (UK) – coproduction with ORF art radio daily 5pm - 6pm

TONSPUR 36: "Do You Hear What I Hear?" (2010) by Dawn Scarfe (UK) daily 3pm - 4pm

TONSPUR 42: "Life in the Twentieth Century: 225 Million Homicidis. An Oratory" by Peter Weibel (AT) – a coproduction with ZKM Karslruhe daily 2pm - 3pm

TONSPUR 46: "23 ways to remember silence, but only 1 way to break it" by David Moss (US) – coproduction with ORF art radio daily 7pm - 8pm

TONSPUR 49: "Some Berlin Favourite Sounds" (2012) by Peter Cusack (UK) – created for TONSPUR in Berlin (supported by DAAD Berlin) – world premiere of the extended version especially made for TONSPUR_goes London daily 4pm - 5pm

TONSPUR 51: "Freedom From Happiness" (2012) by Sam Ashley (US) – the original Viennese version for piano, and the "sea version" for ship horn created for the exhibition "Listen to Your City--Listening To Art" at the Copenhagen Art Festival 2012 daily 6pm - 7pm

TONSPUR 58: "Valkyries, riding" (2013) by Georg Nussbaumer (AT) powered by Valkyrie Riders Austria daily 12pm - 1pm

TONSPUR 59: "Kraków to Venice in 12 hours" (2013) by Magda Stawarska-Beavan (PL/UK – 10 minutes sample of the upcoming work (MQ Vienna, TONSPUR_passage, 22 July to 9 Nov, daily 10am to 8pm) daily final at 8pm


Visit the TONSPUR website and download free the TONSPUR_ringtone "Snipe" created by leading UK composer, musician and sound artist Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner in 2007

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